Metabolic Override with the Venus Factor – A Comprehensive Review

What is Metabolic Override?
metabolic-overrideMetabolic override is a term popularized by the Venus Factor, one of the most successful weight loss programs specifically designed for women. The product promises to offer its users a metabolic override, allowing them to burn fat at a faster rate and keep it off. For those who are deeply considering this product for their weight loss efforts, following are some information that should help you:

Metabolic override is basically when your body goes beyond the typical metabolic rate to burn fat. Most females have a hard time losing weight because the body fights the process. You can say that the female body puts a limit on its own capacity to burn calories, ensuring that fat is still retained for survival and child-bearing purposes.

Using Venus Factor, a “metabolic override” is reached, removing the enforced genetic limit and allowing women to lose as much as they want. This new approach to weight loss is only taught through Venus Factor.

How It Works – The Venus Index

Prior to using the metabolic override introduced by Venus Factor, you first have to understand the unique “Venus Index”. This refers to your ideal body shape, depending on your current height, weight and measurement. Since not everyone can obtain the 36-24-36 figure, the goal of Venus Index is to hit that “hourglass figure” while still keeping you healthy.

Calculations are provided to help you determine your goal figure. Once this is achieved, your next step is to follow the Venus Factor program, spanning 12 weeks or more.

Program Contents

The program itself is extensive, covering everything you need to know about proper diet, exercise and nutrition to trigger that overdrive. Venus Factor contents include but are not limited to the following:

Workout Program – this program runs for 12 weeks and is composed of ideal workouts for women. In here, the goal is calorie burns, muscle toning and shape sculpting without overdeveloping the muscles. At the end of 12 weeks, you should expect a trim and tight body with sleek lines and powerful muscles. This is also the part where metabolic override is greatly explained to users.

The program also offers information on Nutrition Science, providing a glimpse on proper dieting and how to achieve it. There’s a step-by-step process offered with simple yet rational explanation on the science behind dieting. In here, you’d find yourself learning more about calories and the big difference between weight and shape.

To offer additional nutrition help, buyers of the Venus Factor also get access to the Virtual Nutritionist. Using this, they’d get a more in-depth understanding on food and how it affects our body. The nutritionist is more than capable of answering questions that may not be easily explained or not common knowledge.

Of course, those are just few of the contents of the Venus Factor. Buyers can look forward to a lot more from this product.

Venus Factor Author

The concept of metabolic override was introduced by John Barban, a noted fitness expert. Barban is known for several book successes including the “Adonis Index System” and the “Anything Goes Diet”. His years of experience as a fitness consultant combined with extensive research on the female physique helped him come up with Venus Factor.

Barban is not a stranger to hard work and uses his body to test some of his weight loss theories. Of course, he can’t do the same thing with Venus Factor since it’s a system especially for women. However, his degree in nutrition still managed to help him create a feminine system for weight loss. Aside from his writing career, Barban also works as a professor in Florida University, focusing on exercise physiology.

The Community

Another plus for Venus Factor is the constant presence of help and support from the community. This is composed of women who are also using the program to lose weight. Through the group, members have the chance to talk to other people going through the same process as them. Together, they help each other resolve roadblocks, answer questions and generally encourage each other to keep on with the system.

Benefits of the Program

Using Venus Factor offers several benefits for women. Following are just some of the things you can look forward to by following the metabolic override program.

  • The system is completely natural and taps into the body’s capacity for weight loss. Therefore, you’ll find yourself burning fat without having to worry about side effects common in other weight loss regimens
  • Since the program is specially made for women, you don’t have to worry about developing obvious muscles. The Venus Factor is designed to provide you with a slim and svelte figure with toned and even muscles – no bulging.
  • There’s a step by step program introduced, making it easier for you to follow the system. The schedule is readied on practically a daily basis which only helps simplify the whole approach.
  • The information provided is not limited to textual format. You also gain excess to clear videos offering tips and step-by-step instructions on proper exercises.
  • Venus Factor focuses on nutrition rather than calorie counting. Therefore, it’s unnecessary to avoid all your favorite foods. You can still treat yourself to the occasional junk food as long as the principles of Venus Factor are followed. In this workout approach, balance and in-depth understanding of the body are crucial

Additional Options

Once you get Venus Factor, you have the option to purchase three additional PDFs. These include the “Venus Factor Final Phase”, “Venus Factor Slim in 7” and the “Venus Factor Cookbook”. Again, these PDFs can be purchased depending on your personal preferences.

Money Back Guarantee

Another plus for Venus Factor is the money back guarantee. If at any time within 60 days of purchase, you find yourself unhappy with the product, the team would be happy to offer a refund. This makes your purchase completely risk-free.

Venus Factor – Verdict

To wrap it up, the Venus Factor is a wonderful weight loss option for women. The system is specially designed to aid weight loss and make sure that the weight stays off, therefore keeping you slim and sexy.

The product is best used by women hoping to lose ten pounds or more. After succeeding through metabolic override, Venus Factor can be continued at a less strict basis for maintenance purposes.

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